Emergency Boat for Jakarta Citizen


Abstract. Flood which strikes Metropolitan City Jakarta can’t be avoided from rubbish which plugged the sewer. The rubbish produced by Jakarta’s citizen about 6.500 tons each day. Moreover, the location of Jakarta in the lowland makes the rubbish from Jakarta’s Satellite City (Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi) took river-flow to the Jakarta. The main focus of this paper is to make the innovation of emergency boat that formed of rubbish-plastic bottle and using wire 5.0 mm. The using of 5.0 mm diameter wire is to create the skeleton and the plastic bottle is used for filling the skeleton. In this paper, we also analyze the buoyage (design) and boat dimension. Taking the assumption that the water condition always calm in the flood, we use twin hull because this type more stable if put in the small Wavy water. The boat dimensions used were height 2 ft, width 7.67 ft and length 12.4 ft. Read more…


Poverty is a disease

IMuliawan kumuh

Poverty is a disease that kills, if not immediately ‘amputated’ it will continue to spread until our next generations. In reality the most concrete damage and main hunger resource is poverty, in fact exceed war, such as senses damage, physical damage, nutritional damage, etc. Don’t think about how to change their lives to be better, but think about their stomachs first, without it all will be pointless. Even if there are foods, they won’t be care with the nutrition, they will only concerned with their satiety. Perhaps food availability can be met, but without nutrition balance, it will only destroy the next generations. Of the urgent need from food, health and education budgets can be disrupted.

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Konsep Perangkap Tikus Elektrik


Sebuah alat penangkap tikus yang memanfaatkan kepraktisan energi listrik sebagai daya utama yang cukup kuat serta menerapkan prinsip hemat energi dan ramah lingkungan dalam pembuatannya. Dalam pembuatan alat ini kami melakukan analisa terhadap perangkat yang dipakai, sumberdaya, dan keunggulan sistem. Untuk dapat menghasilkan alat penangkap tikus berbasis elektrik yang dapat bekerja sesuai harapan, yakni efektif dalam membunuh tikus, hemat energi, ramah lingkungan serta aman, maka diperlukan perencanaan desain dan sistem kerja alat yang efektif dan maksimal.

Alat menggunakan komponen-komponen yang cukup sederhana sehingga mudah untuk dibuat, efektif, dan mampu untuk dipasarkan secara komersial. Komponen alat yang di gunakan mayoritas adalah barang-barang bekas yang sudah tidak terpakai seperti; plat konduktor, papan kayu, dan kabel bekas. Dalam pembuatanpun hanya menggunakan peralatan rumah tangga yang mudah ditemukan. Read more…

Facilities determine the quality of faculty of engineering at the Universitas Indonesia


Faculty of Engineering University of Indonesia is one of the most productive faculty in research and studies at University of Indonesia. It can be seen from amount of research and study done by Faculty of Engineering University of Indonesia academic community. And this couldn’t be achieved without the existence of facilities such as laboratories. So the facility has a very important role in Faculty of Engineering University of Indonesia quality.

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How to write a good academic essay

The academic essay is one of the most common assignments you will be asked to write in the university. The essay is a reflection of how well you have understood the basic course material, how much extra work you have put into researching the essay topic and how analytical you have been in selecting and commenting on the material you use. Of course, your essay needs to be well written so that your reader can follow and appreciate your ideas.  There are seven main steps to writing a good essay. These are:

  1. Analyze your prompt
  2. Gather your information by research and reading
  3. Note where your information comes from
  4. Think of your thesis
  5. Organize your material
  6. Draft your essay
  7. Revise your essay

This entry explains the process of writing a good essay and suggests specific things You can do to write one.

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Designing your CV will make you have a bigger chance to be chosen

Curriculum vitae (CV) is a document that provides an overview of a person’s experience and other qualifications. In some countries, CV is typically encountered when an employer look for the job seekers and are often used to filter applicants when seeking employment. But today, not only to find a job that requires a CV, but to look for some scholarships we will also use the CV. Then after sending a CV, for the next phase is usually the interview stage.

When you want to write a CV, there are so many tutorials on the internet that can be found, most of those tutorials discuss about contents of the CV. But still very few articles that suggest to design your CV. You have to know, many achievements in your CV will look usual if you show it with the usual way. So try to give something different on your CV. The thing that I mean is designing your CV. Read more…

UI Roboboat team is developing a robot ship without crew

UI Roboboat team now is developing a robot ship without crew (Unmanned Surface Vehicle) by the name of makara-02. Our members are:

Irvan JP Elliika from Electrical Engineering University of Indonesia ‘08

Novika Ginanto from Electrical Engineering University of Indonesia ‘08

M Hary Mukti from Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering University of Indonesia ’09

Aditya Meisar from Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering University of Indonesia ’09

M Anwar Ma’sum from Computer Science University of Indonesia ‘09

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