Germany is a large country in Central Europe. The largest exporter nation in the world. Germany is also home to the largest population in Europe. With over 82 million inhabitants. then why should study in Germany? I have several reasons for this question. My reason is based from my own oppinion and the source.

First, The Federal Republic of Germany is situated in the heart of Europe. I call this with a population centres because 82 million people live here and 7,3 million are foreigners. And germany has nine neighbours that are Denmark to the north, the Netherlands and Belgium to the north-west, France and Luxembourg to the west, Austria and Switzerland to the south, the Czech Republic and Poland to the east.

Second, the cost of living for students in Germany can be kept low by using many schoolarship. To study here you will need around 700 Euros per month.

Then, with around 100 million native speakers, german is the most widely-spoken language in Europe. The business, industry and the increasing global activities of German companies and corporations means that the German language is also becoming increasingly important in the international market.

Last, leisure activities and pastimes offered by the universities and colleges are complemented by numerous opportunities outside the university grounds. Like sport, culture, or even simply having a good night in outside.

So, which one that you will chose? germany or others country? It’s all up to you. for the last I will give you some websites regarding studying in Germany:

If you live in Indonesia you should visit to know more about studying in germany.



Muhammad Riki