Curriculum vitae (CV) is a document that provides an overview of a person’s experience and other qualifications. In some countries, CV is typically encountered when an employer look for the job seekers and are often used to filter applicants when seeking employment. But today, not only to find a job that requires a CV, but to look for some scholarships we will also use the CV. Then after sending a CV, for the next phase is usually the interview stage.

When you want to write a CV, there are so many tutorials on the internet that can be found, most of those tutorials discuss about contents of the CV. But still very few articles that suggest to design your CV. You have to know, many achievements in your CV will look usual if you show it with the usual way. So try to give something different on your CV. The thing that I mean is designing your CV.
Just imagine if you are submitting a CV that is different from the others, surely the reader will recall to your CV and you will have a big chance to be chosen. But in designing your CV you should look the target that you want to go first. If your target is a formal educational institutions, better you do not design your CV. But if your targets that you are going to apply are formal or informal but you still sure that by designing your CV is not a big deal, then just design your CV. So my conclusion is, try to give readers something different on your CV, because it will easy for him to remember you. Good luck!