Faculty of Engineering University of Indonesia is one of the most productive faculty in research and studies at University of Indonesia. It can be seen from amount of research and study done by Faculty of Engineering University of Indonesia academic community. And this couldn’t be achieved without the existence of facilities such as laboratories. So the facility has a very important role in Faculty of Engineering University of Indonesia quality.


Literally, students need space to explore their talents and their ideas. High skills and knowledge will be useless if not Balance with application or practice to the real world. to apply the knowledge or skills students need facilities so their knowledge can be applied maximum. Moreover facilities also helps in understanding a lesson or problems. With this facilities, the lesson will be easy and applicable. But the quality of the facilities itself must be calculated. Because a good facility will make students better, and it will be different in different condition. In addition, if the facilities offered adequate it will also affect the ability of students to work in the future. Essentially Faculty of Engineering students quality determined by the existing facilities in the Faculty of Engineering University of Indonesia.


Furthermore, a good facility also can help teachers to teach their students. As we know the lecturers at Faculty of Engineering University of Indonesia has excellent skills. It will be useless if it is not taught to their students. But in the delivery of content teachers often encounter obstacles, the obstacles is teachers need teaching aids, the goal is to make the lessons in learning activities become applicable. By using visual aids in teaching the students will be more easy to understand, and became more applicable.


With good facilities such as laboratories, lecturers and students can work together to conduct research to produce a new product or technology. As we all know that innovation is needed to continue the technology for a better Indonesia. And to make it happen we need a facilities that can support. Actually students are individuals who are creative and have a lot of ideas. But usually they have a limited knowledge and hamper their movement. Therefore they need a smart figure that is lecturer to assist them in research and reset. Collaboration between students and lecturers will be a solid team, in which students as the originator of the ideas and lecturers as a learning medium or facilitator.ec

Therefore, the facilities determine the quality of lecturers and students in the faculty of engineering. And in general also determines the quality of the faculty of engineering at the University of Indonesia.