IMuliawan kumuh

Poverty is a disease that kills, if not immediately ‘amputated’ it will continue to spread until our next generations. In reality the most concrete damage and main hunger resource is poverty, in fact exceed war, such as senses damage, physical damage, nutritional damage, etc. Don’t think about how to change their lives to be better, but think about their stomachs first, without it all will be pointless. Even if there are foods, they won’t be care with the nutrition, they will only concerned with their satiety. Perhaps food availability can be met, but without nutrition balance, it will only destroy the next generations. Of the urgent need from food, health and education budgets can be disrupted.

Many people become a victim of rape in right to education due to poverty. They forgot to pasal 31 ayat 2 “Setiap warga negara wajib mengikuti pendidikan dasar dan pemerintah wajib membiayainya”. And the main problem is now schools no longer as a place of learning process, but teach to justify all the way to get the maximum results. Our education system is similar to instant noodles, fast process and the taste is good, we don’t realize the negative impact on the long-term. Survey of the Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC), shows that the quality of education in Indonesia is the worst of the 12 Asian countries surveyed.  -.-“



So against ignorance and hunger that are summarized in poverty is not only an individual necessity, but also the governance obligation. Other governance obligations are to protect, to full fill, to promote and to save the poverty people. And most important is, don’t often follow foreign ideologies that aren’t fit with our character and culture, we are not going to profit but will surely lose. So, let us build our future with our spirit together, and remember the past because Experience Is the Best Teacher. Like Soekarno have said “Janganlah melihat ke masa depan dengan mata buta! Masa yang lampau adalah berguna sekali untuk menjadi kaca bengala dari pada masa yang akan datang.” (1966th independence day Speech, Soekarno)