Abstract. Flood which strikes Metropolitan City Jakarta can’t be avoided from rubbish which plugged the sewer. The rubbish produced by Jakarta’s citizen about 6.500 tons each day. Moreover, the location of Jakarta in the lowland makes the rubbish from Jakarta’s Satellite City (Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi) took river-flow to the Jakarta. The main focus of this paper is to make the innovation of emergency boat that formed of rubbish-plastic bottle and using wire 5.0 mm. The using of 5.0 mm diameter wire is to create the skeleton and the plastic bottle is used for filling the skeleton. In this paper, we also analyze the buoyage (design) and boat dimension. Taking the assumption that the water condition always calm in the flood, we use twin hull because this type more stable if put in the small Wavy water. The boat dimensions used were height 2 ft, width 7.67 ft and length 12.4 ft. As the result, we are hoping the rubbish in Jakarta can be reduced and the citizen has an emergency boat that can be use every time when flood coming.

Keyword: Jakarta’s flood, plastic bottle, emergency boat

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