muhammad riki

Muhammad riki. was born on june 4th 1994 in kediri, east java, indonesia. He is the second child from Edi Mukti and Umi Masapur. He started his study in  islamic Elementary School of Darul Hikmah in his village. He was graduated in 2006 and continued his study in islamic Junior High School of Jombang Kauman (MTsN Jombang Kauman).
In 2009 he continued his study in Senior High School of 1st pare (SMAN 1 Pare) in the city of Pare. At that time, he was active in some Internal Organisation in his school, like: OSIS and GESIT. He finished his study in 2012 and he continued for his degree (S1) in universitas indonesia, west java. He took mechanical engineer. Now, he is in second semester. He has been joining some organizations since he was in first semester.

In future he really want to continued his study in germany because he feel germany is one of best country to study engineer, and the are so many great indonesian engineers from there.


Name                                    :  Muhammad Riki

Place/Date of birth               :  Kediri, 4th  june 1994

E-mail                                     :

Interest                                  :  writing, competition & technology issue

Educational background

Currently Study in Mechanical engineering, Faculty of engineering, Universitas Indonesia


  • 2nd  Place of Primagama Physics Olympiad 2011, levels MF.Mataraman

(MF.Mataraman: Madison, Ponorogo, Ngawi, Magetan, Pacitan, Trenggalek, Tulungagung, Blitar, Kediri, Nganjuk)

  • Finalist of Primagama Physics Olympiad 2011, levels East Java
  • 1st  Place of Physics National Science Olympiad 2011, levels Regency
  • Kediri’s Contingent Physics National Science Olympiad 2011, Province Level
  • 2nd  Place of Web Design Contest PGRI Nusantara University 2011
  • 4th  Place of Physics Olympiad University of Malang 2011, levels Java and Bali
  • 2nd  Place of Dentistry Intellectual Challenge silver medal Airlangga University 2012, levels district.
  • 8th  Rank of Engineering Physics Week Institute of Technology November 2012, levels National
  • Big 10  UI Karya Inovatif Universitas Indonesia 2012
  • Entertainment winner Blog Competition “AKU DAN PLN” 67th day of national power 2012
  • Big 10  Liga Blogger Indonesia Dot Semarang 2012
  • Favorite winner Recycle Battle Greenovation