Muhammad Riki insdecar

Hi! My name is Riki. By the middle of this 2018 my age will turn to 24, now I live in Cikarang Bekasi, previously I had lived in Depok which the place I took college for 4 years, my hometown is in Kediri East java. I have an old sister and a young sister, we are three brothers who live separately, my young sister lives with my parents in Kediri. My mother is a housewife, sometimes she helped my father to prepare his merchandise, my father was a trader in traditional market, and how unlucky he is now suffering from diabetes.


I am a simple person, not a fan of books but I like to read news about technology and automotive, those topics interest me a lot. I’m not a travel-crazy person but sometimes there is a desire to visit some new place and try its culinary, my favorite food is Mie Ayam, if I have to visit some place, this food is the first thing I will looking for. I eat a lot, at my mother’s house I can finish 8 – 10 servings within a day! if I have to eat at restaurants, ordering double rice is necessary because fullness makes me happy. 😛


The fact that I like to eat a lots of rice and my dad who has diabetes is hard enough to be accepted. Therefore, I compensate my habit with frequent exercise, I like to play futsal but I’m not too well so my friends often put me on goalkeeper position, I like running, swimming, and I also like static workout. Does e-sport like Dota 2 belong to sports? I love it too anyway.


I hate small-run-fast animals like cockroaches and centipedes, especially cockroaches, it has many diseases in it, it can make me overreact and scream, just imagine it makes me cringe. But I’m not afraid of non-poisonous snake, when I was kid I used to catch snakes in the fields and bring them into my mother’s house. Once, one of the snake escaped into the house but I immediately caught it again before my mother came. My father also likes to keep a Cobra, even he has felt the cobra’s bite twice, last time it happened when the doctor had diagnosed my father with diabetes, so he stopped this habit for his own safety.


When I was in high school I really liked physics and mathematics. In my opinion laws of physics are very applicable in daily life, so I think physics is a science of life philosophy. My love to physics makes me won several physics Olympiads and got me some money. I still remember when I won physics OSN and got a very tall trophy as well as a lot of money of course, the money collected at that time I used to buy a Headphone and my first Laptop, that victory also made me meet with the Bupati of Kediri at that time. what a lovely memory.


My love on physics at high school led me to the Mechanical Engineering Department, Engineering Faculty of the Universitas Indonesia. The interesting thing is that I got that for free, thanks a lot to the government who has given me this scholarship. During my college years I have many activities that support my knowledge and experience. I often follow some engineering innovation competition such us Recycle Battle competition, a competition for making a new innovation that uses waste materials. In addition, I also participated in social activities several times, and what impressed me the most was when I joined with the Leprosy Care Community. living a few weeks with lepers makes me realize how lucky I am and makes me even more grateful to God.


During college I worked as a physics and math teacher, privately or in senior high school. But the highlight of my career when I was a college student was when I joined with the Fire Safety Engineering Team. At that time, I learned a lot about the application of science in real life, the dynamics of work, and the difficulties that seemingly impossible but ultimately exceeded. That valuable learning eventually rewards me a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering on June, 2016.


Now I’m an engineer, I work as Product Engineering engineer in an automotive company in Indonesia. working in the field that I love is like a dream come true, it gives me a lot of knowledge and experience in engineering automotive area, also the dynamics of working here is something interest me. I hope to continue my work in this field for the next few years, but deep inside my heart I want to continue my master’s degree, because my dream is to become an expertise engineer.